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The Asia-Pacific region is inspiration for an endless assortment of travel dreams. But holiday planning often takes a back seat to business or other matters.

Marriott Vacation Club, Asia-Pacific, is designed to take the effort out of luxury holiday travel both in the region and around the world. We make it convenient for you to plan a relaxing stay after a hectic business trip, a refreshing stopover during a trip across the Pacific, a dream cruise through the South Pacific, or even a long weekend escape.

When you become a Marriott Vacation Club, Asia-Pacific, Member you receive exclusive access and privileges at Marriott Vacation Club’s most popular resorts. All that is required of you to become a Member is to purchase points to be redeemed for the holiday of your dreams.


Benefits of Marriott Vacation Club, Asia-Pacific

Get to know why our Members love the Marriott Vacation Club, Asia-Pacific, system. See what makes owning your holidays more economical, more flexible, more comfortable, and more reliable than any other vacation club.

How Marriott Vacation Club, Asia-Pacific, Club Points Work

With more than 50 locations and cruises to choose from, you are in control of when, where, and for how long you wish to holiday. You can also save and borrow points to create once-in-a-lifetime holiday experiences.

Holiday Flexibility

Whether you are looking for a 7-night stay in Phuket, Thailand, a once in a once-in-a-lifetime safari in Africa, a luxury cruise to some of the world’s most desired ports of call, or a 4-day shopping spree in Tokyo or a long weekend in Bangkok, Marriott Vacation Club, Asia-Pacific is your home away from home all over the world.


You decide how many Marriott Vacation Club, Asia-Pacific, Club Points you need to enjoy the Marriott holidays that fit your vacation lifestyle. At Marriott Vacation Club, Asia-Pacific, we personalize our product to your individual needs.