How Club Points Work

When you become a Club Member in the Marriott Vacation Club, Asia-Pacific program, you make a one-time purchase for an annual allotment of Club Points — flexible "holiday currency" that can be used each year toward your choice of holidays.

Use your Club Points to experience dream holidays.

Marriott Vacation Club℠ resort stays are assigned a Club Points value based on accommodation size, length of stay, location and season. Members in the Marriott Vacation Club, Asia-Pacific program can choose from any location and any size accommodation, check in on any day they wish and stay as long as they want — or use Club Points to experience other types of holidays such as cruises, tours, exchanges and hotel stays.

You get a new allotment every year.

One of the best aspects of points-based vacation membership in the Marriott Vacation Club, Asia-Pacific program is that your Club Points are replenished each year for the term of your membership. That means, every year you will get to choose from an ever-growing collection of exciting holidays through the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations™ Exchange Program — currently more than 5,000 unique options and experiences. Return to a favorite destination every year or explore the world and never experience the same holiday twice. It's all up to you, and each year you get to choose.

You can bank or borrow for even greater flexibility.

Got an idea for a truly epic holiday? Plan on bringing a big group this year? No problem. As a Club Member in the Marriott Vacation Club, Asia-Pacific program, if your holiday plans call for more Club Points than your annual allotment, you can enjoy the flexibility to borrow from the following year's balance to be used toward this year's holiday. Or, will your schedule only allow for a short holiday this year? You won't lose any Club Points; you can bank the remainder for use next year, if you like.

You can add Club Points at any time.

As your life changes, your vacation membership can evolve right along with you. Plus, as your vacation portfolio grows, you can achieve elevated benefit levels with Marriott Vacation Club — and enjoy enhanced benefits such as access to select The Ritz-Carlton Club locations, luxury cruises, Marriott Bonvoy™ upgrades and more.

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